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*** SOLD OUT *** We are currently sold out of all products. We will restock in early 2024.

Safe for people, pets, planet + even canaries!

The Dirty Truth

Don't just take our word for it!

"Hands down the best home cleaning products I’ve ever tried. If you or a family member is sensitive to smells and products as much as mine, you will never use anything else to clean your house. Thank you for making products that live up to their name and actually work! Love them! "

– Jenny McCarthy

"Despite having tried every other green cleaner, I've still found myself continuing to use the harsh stuff to get things clean. But I can't stand the harshness of the smell and the burning they cause in my throat. So I was excited to try this when I heard about it from a friend but a bit doubtful about how well they would work. I was so pleasantly surprised! These work great without the harsh fumes."

– Jacki

"This stuff is amazing! It cleans so well that I find myself looking for more surfaces to wipe down every time I use it! It smells good too! I'm not interested adding chemicals to my home and body so I was really happy to find this product and thrilled to discover that it actually works better than the toxic stuff!"

– Monifa

Having a Clean Home Shouldn't Make You Sick

Seriously Safe

Safe for people, pets and the environment. Designed for people with skin, chemical and respiratory sensitivities, we've eliminated known irritants, harsh chemicals and toxic residues.

Strong Enough for the Toughest Job

Independently tested to clean as well as leading green or mainstream brands with no need to ventilate your spaces while you clean.

EWG 'A' Rated

Rated "A" by the Environmental Working Group guarantees there are no known irritants, harsh chemicals or toxic residues. Even ‘natural’ brands can’t say that.




I received a sample pack and it was love at first wash. I feel better about having my grandkids around when I am cleaning now, knowing they are free from harmful chemicals. I do recommend.

-- Rachel B.

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‘Jump for joy’ guarantee

If your new purchase leaves you less than happy, we'll make it right!

Why Sensitive Home

We believe that a fast, effective, deep clean shouldn’t put anyone’s health at risk.

We believe that if a product causes an immediate reaction in some of us, it can’t be good for any of us.

We believe that all of us, our loved ones, our babies, our pets and our planet deserve healthy, sanctuary spaces.

Eight years of science

Canaries are magical birds that can sense things in the environment that can cause harm. But since we're not canaries, we might not always sense the impact our cleaners are having on our health.

Through our new patented approach, we analyzed every one of our ingredients at a molecular level to create new, better formulas that clean (for real), eliminating known irritants, harsh chemicals, and toxic residues that impact everyone's health - no canary required!