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Our Story

"I am an empath by nature, always looking for how I can help others. And since I spent over 30 years formulating cleaning products at Clorox, it was only natural that I’d find a way to continue to help people in that same light."

Dr. Greg, founder + chief scientist

Do No Harm, Heal the Earth

We think of life as being secure and safe but it’s not. Instead, we live on a tightrope where quality of life can disappear at any time. And so I thought if I could do something to enhance the safety of something as mundane as cleaning your house, that would be a legacy I knew was worth chasing! 

Why should you be penalized for cleaning your house?

I already knew that many so-called ‘safe’ products didn’t perform their number one job - cleaning effectively! And when a leader in the sensitive community told me that products claiming to be green, plant-based, and non-toxic (like the natural, bio-based products I invented at Clorox) still irritated those with skin, respiratory and chemical sensitivities, it affected me deeply. At that moment, I decided I needed to do something to help the sensitive community have a quality of life that’s been missing, sometimes for their entire life. One where they could have a clean house and preserve their lifestyle without toxic side effects like itching, wheezing and migraines.

I started over

I spent 8 years looking at common cleaning ingredients at a molecular level and found that even those that were 100% bio-based still carried contaminants. So I took an entirely new approach - starting with a clean toolbox of ingredients to create cleaners that would be safe for everyone, especially those with sensitivities that can’t tolerate any contaminants or harsh chemicals. Finally, we would ALL be able to get first-world cleaning using plant-based products! Visit Our Science page to learn about all the techy chemistry stuff!

Eight years in the making, welcome to Sensitive Home.

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