Our Story

It all started when a leader in the sensitive community asked our Chief Scientist a simple question…

Can you make cleaning products that won’t trigger chemical sensitivities and actually clean?

The sensitive challenge

Many of the products claiming to be green, plant-based, and non-toxic still irritated the sensitive among us. And plenty more didn’t get the job done. Most so-called 'safe' products simply avoided toxic ingredients without replacing them with an effective substitute. We decided to take a new approach to cleaning science.

We started over.

Our journey

Working hand-in-hand with the sensitive community, we examined everyday cleaning ingredients to understand why they caused discomfort for the sensitive among us. We focused on creating new, better formulas that clean (for real), eliminating known irritants, harsh chemicals, and toxic residues. The result is our patented toolkit of well-tolerated ingredients and products with true cleaning power.

Eight years in the making, welcome to Sensitive Home.

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