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Our Science

We know that cleaning science matters, especially for the sensitive among us.

And because we believe in products with no disclaimers, here’s the low-down behind ours.

Our cleaner process

We took a closer look at plant-based ingredients that “everyone uses,” and found out that during the manufacturing process they can introduce low (but significant enough) levels of toxicants, like benzene derivatives. These harmful residues often end up in the cleaning product, which may cause irritation for sensitive people.

We decided to do it the right way.

Safe surfactants

Natural cleaning products rely on powerful surfactants, and we care a great deal about the way we process ours. We thoroughly examine what catalysts are used in their formulation, and what trace chemicals can be excluded.

Careful processing

Ethanol is an effective, plant-based solvent. When we use it as an ingredient, we make sure it is safely manufactured, eliminating even the smallest levels of hazardous toxicants like methanol or isopropanol.

Exceptional hygiene

By introducing high levels of hygiene and special manufacturing aids, we are able to use a less aggressive preservation system that ensures no “nasties” before packaging.

Only good molecules invited

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We supply pure water during the manufacturing process through the use of reverse osmosis.

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None of our ingredients exceed California’s strict limits for use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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We select molecules with a higher molecular weight (long carbon chains) that don't trigger sensitivities.

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Any allergens present in our fragranced products are held to a minimum, and are part of the natural extracts, like natural citrus oils.

Find out what separates us from typical free & clear products