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Our belief

We designed our cleaning products for sensitive people because we believe if something affects the most sensitive among us, it can't be good for any of us.

People Health first. And always

Our homes are our sanctuary, and keeping them clean has never been more important. We shouldn’t have to choose between a spotless home and one that’s safe for our family. That's why we spent years listening to the sensitive among us, really listening. Because a clean home for the sensitive among us is a clean home we all want.

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Safer for people, pets, and the environment

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Efficacy tested, third party lab approved

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Made right here in the USA

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Cleaning your home cleanly

This isn’t easy – but it isn’t impossible either. Taking a new (patented) approach, we analyze every one of our ingredients at a molecular level to eliminate known irritants, harmful emissions, and toxic residues. The result? Our carefully curated plant-based cleaning products that never contain who knows what. And our EPA Safer Choice and USDA Bio-Based certifications prove it.

Meet our Sensitive fans

I absolutely loved the all purpose cleaner! My cat always tries to lick and roll in any cleaner I use even after it dries. This is a product I don’t have to worry about, thank you! 🙌 ❤️

Christine H

I LOVE all the Sensitive Home products I’ve tried! They didn’t irritate my skin, no strong artificial scents… just a fresh clean smell throughout my home. Everything I used them on was left sparkling clean.

Anna S

My hands are always red and itchy from the regular dish soaps, and gloves don’t help. Now my hands are starting to clear up and my dishes are sparkling clean. My hands thank you from my thumbs to my pinkies! 👍

Carmen D

I felt so comfortable using the Sensitive Home cleaner in my kitchen and my countertops were sparkling clean. The best part is there are no strong smells.

Melissa H

I’ve already recommended ALL your products to my friends and family! 😃 The dish soap worked amazingly, the laundry came out feeling oh so fresh! But my fave is the multipurpose cleaner, it does an amazing job at cleaning up messes!

Kristie J

The real test for me was in the bathroom and thank you! It looked and smelled fresh without the harshness of chemicals that normally bother my daughters, yet there was no sneezing, coughing, noses running, or eyes tearing from it.

Angie W

It's cleaning science

As much as we care about what goes into our formulas, we’re also obsessed with the end result. Cleaning products never need to be toxic to actually clean. Our uncompromising, certified bio-based products are genuinely effective, powering through dirt, grease, and grime. No gloves, no fumes – just sparkling clean.

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