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We Put People Health First

Meet the first and only line of effective and safe household cleaners proven to eliminate chemicals and toxins that can compromise people’s health – including those with skin, respiratory and chemical sensitivities.

Fragrance Free cleaners bottles
Fragrance Free Dish Soap bottle
sponge with bubbles icon Strong enough for the toughest job
molecule icon Safe enough for the most sensitive
plant with leaves icon Plant-based, no harsh chemicals or toxic residues

Certified safe

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5-star rating

"After suffering from chemical allergies for years, I’m beyond excited to find something that’s truly safe and especially scent free. There’s no turning back for me! Love it!!!"

– Lois C.

"After using your detergent, my daughter wasn’t itchy for the first time in her life! So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you! There will never be words to equal what my daughter and I experienced when we used your products."

– Angie W.

"It’s nice to know there is a caring company that wants to give consumers like me the most gentle, hard working products that won’t irritate our skin or our immune system – but does the job well!"

– Diane K.

"I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and severe allergies and I’m highly sensitive to scents – And this product didn’t bother me at all."

– Alyssa M.
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caution exclamation icon 1 in 4 Americans experience a negative reaction to common chemicals, even those in "green" cleaners.
caution exclamation icon EPA studies indicate that indoor air pollutants may be 2 to 5 times — and occasionally more than 100 times — higher than outdoor levels.
caution exclamation icon The average American adult is saturated with 400 toxic chemicals – and that’s a low estimate, as only 543 chemicals were tested out of more than 80,000 that are used in consumer products.
Influencer @abrooklynbabe smiling while pouring laundry detergent
5-star rating

Hi! I absolutely LOVED all your products, the dish soap worked amazingly at cleaning and sparkling up my dishes, the laundry detergent cleaned my clothing very well and laundry came out feeling oh so fresh! And my favorite product of yours would have to be the multipurpose cleaner, it does an amazing job at cleaning up messes!

smiley faceKristie J

5-star rating

Love these products! Got the all purpose, bathroom and granite/marble bundle. Highly efficacious. No odor or irritation. I feel safer using them compared to traditional spray cleaners. And they did not make my dog sneeze like my regular all purpose spray did.

smiley faceMBS

5-star rating

Despite having tried every other green cleaner, I’ve still found myself continuing to use the harsh stuff to get things clean. But I can’t stand the smell and the burning they cause in my throat. So I was excited to try this, but a bit doubtful about how well they would work. I was so pleasantly surprised! These work great without the harsh fumes. No more having to open the windows when cleaning!

smiley faceJacki

5-star rating

A friend recommended these products. I bought the whole set and I am really pleased. Surfaces are clean and I love the fresh, subtle scents. I wouldn’t classify us as a highly sensitive household but I really like the idea of using low impact products for the health of my family, pets and the environment. I will definitely continue using these products.

smiley faceMark C

Explore our website to learn more about how we created a new generation of people-safe surface cleaners, laundry detergents, and dish soaps that set the highest bar – especially for those among us with chemical, skin, and respiratory sensitivities.